How it Works

Once you've bought your HomeShare, then what? See how owners pick their weeks, use their home, and interact with the management company and other owners.

Using Your HomeShare

So you've bought a HomeShare, now what? See how HomeShare owners split their time with other owners, check in and check out throughout the year, and how the home stays in top shape.

A HomeShare home has been refurbished before you even move in, so you can be sure the finishes will be perfect for your family. Owners pick weeks twice a year for the same time next year, in November and May. Weeks are picked on a rotating draft system, so if one period owner A picks first, followed by B, C, D, and E, the next period owner B will pick first, then C, D, E, then A. Owners are welcome to barter and switch weeks among themselves. Check-in is on Friday after 4, and check-out is the following Friday before 10, so owners have the entire weekend or long weekend to use without interruption even if they don't want to use the rest of the week. 

One week each Fall and Spring is set aside for cleaning and routine maintenance and repairs. The home's manager or the owners may propose improvements and changes to the property when setting the annual plan, and a simple majority of the owners must vote to budget and enact these plans.