HomeShare Your Home

Free up capital and time while continuing to enjoy your second home.

HomeShare(hōm'·shâr) v. 1. To convert a private residence into multiple fractional ownership interests: serving the financial and lifestyle desires of all parties.

n. 2. One of multiple deeded residential ownership interests.

See also: private fractional.


Keep Time in Your Home Without the Hassle

Whether you're looking to capitalize on your home's equity while still using your property, or owning an entire second home has become too much of a time, money, and effort drain, HomeShares is the perfect solution.

Owning a second home can sometimes feel like more work than it's worth. You feel guilty going anywhere else for vacation, you have a second set of homeowner's duties and headaches, and you only can use your home a portion of the year for all that effort. Maybe you rent out your home to vacationers, but you never know if your renters will be respectful or cause more problems.

When you sell off fractions of your home with HomeShares, you have the assurance that the other owners are literally invested in the property, and will treat it with respect. The home is professionally managed, so if the dishwasher breaks or the paint needs to be touched up, that's no longer your problem. You only need to concern yourself with how much you're enjoying your home.

HomeSharing has great financial benefits as well. You can make some of the equity tied up in your home liquid without losing the ability to use a home that is undoubtedly important to you and your family.


Top 10 Reasons to Convert to a Fractional HomeShare

  1. You’d like to unlock and take out some of the appreciation in your home.
  2. You’d like to reduce your annual operating costs from 100% to 20%.
  3. You’d like to be able to enjoy using your home as much as you have in the past.
  4. You’d like to see your home given some lifestyle-enhancing refurbishing.
  5. You’d like an alternative to the uncertainties of renting.
  6. You’d like to travel more to other places.
  7. You’d like to get rid of any debt on your mountain property.
  8. You’d like someone else to manage the property and process.
  9. You’d like to exchange one-and-done renters for co-owners that respect the property.
  10. You’d like HomeShares to make it all happen easily and correctly.

How to Get Started